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X-ray and Ultrasound

X-Ray and Ultrasound Services in San Diego

The x-ray and ultrasound services we offer here in San Diego, CA at Del Norte Animal Hospital ensure that your vet has everything needed for a safe and successful visit. We have total services for pets onsite including x-ray and ultrasound equipment as well as lab services. Let our veterinarian take care of your pet and handle his or her medical needs in a safe, sound environment.


About X-Ray and Ultrasound for Pets

When it comes to figuring out what is ailing your pet, whether your pet is suffering from a swollen abdomen or has chronic joint pain, we have a solution. X-rays and ultrasound tools allow our team of veterinarian technicians to examine the inside of your pet in a noninvasive manner. This way we can look for any obstructions, such as a swallowed chew toy or a bone that might be preventing air or food from passing through. 

We can also look for broken bones or signs of tumors and other diseases. This includes identifying inflammation caused by an infection, as well as diagnosing traumatic injuries. We can help pets that have suffered in car accidents or other traumas with precision. Give your pet the best quality of healthcare by choosing our diagnostic medical services.

What to Expect During an X-Ray or an Ultrasound

The first thing we will do when your pet visits us at Del Norte Animal Hospital is to conduct a physical exam. This way we can start the diagnostics immediately. From there we will determine if an x-ray or an ultrasound are needed for a proper diagnosis. If so, the use of x-rays is conducted right here in our animal hospital along with the lab processing. This allows our veterinarians the chance to examine your pet with the lab results within minutes rather than having to wait days for the results to get back. Start your pet’s treatment effectively so they can improve their health and wellbeing.

Choosing a Veterinarian in San Diego, CA

We are excited that you are considering Del Norte Animal Hospital for your vet in San Diego. We look forward to seeing your pet whether it is for the first time or the tenth. Contact our veterinarian today by calling us at 858-524-1146 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Carrie Bone or Dr. Lidja Gillmeister.

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