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Orthopedics and Cardiology

Orthopedic Surgeons and Cardiac Surgeons Are Available at Del Norte Animal Hospital

At Del Norte Animal Hospital, our goal is to make sure that we can take care of every patient who comes to see us. To that end, we have worked hard to expand our services. Now, we are proud to welcome orthopedic and cardiology specialty surgeons to our hospital in San Diego, CA. We believe that they are going to provide valuable services to our animal hospital. There are a few reasons why an animal might need to have orthopedic surgery. Continue reading to learn more about orthopedic surgery and cardiac surgery.


Reasons for Orthopedic Surgery

If a pet comes to see us at Del Norte Animal Hospital, there are a few reasons why we might need to call an orthopedic surgeon to provide assistance. First, an animal might have a broken bone. If this bone has been moved out of place, then surgery is going to be needed to set the bone in the right position to ensure that it heals properly. This is going to require the attention of an orthopedic surgeon. In addition, animals might have suffered ligament tears. These can also be repaired by an orthopedic surgeon, restoring structure and function to the limb. This is an important service that our hospital can provide to our patients.

Reasons for Cardiac Surgery

In addition, we also have a veterinary cardiologist who can help us in-house. This is a valuable resource to the pets and families of the local area. There are a few reasons why our 4s ranch might need the help of a cardiac surgeon. In some cases, the animal might have a congenital heart condition that requires repair. In other cases, there might be an issue with the sac around the heart that is making it hard for the heart to beat properly. We are proud of our animal hospital in 4s Ranch for taking the steps required to provide a trained cardiologist.

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At Del Norte Animal Hospital, we are proud to provide several veterinary specialists to our families in San Diego, CA. When it comes to orthopedic and cardiology surgery, we are honored to provide access to a board certified cardiologist and surgeon. This is going to allow us to provide a completely new level of care to our patients. Therefore, if you are looking for an animal hospital that can take care of your pet from start to finish, look no further than us. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please give us a call to make an appointment!

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